• What are the advantages and disadvantages of quartz watches?

    Although more and more people are bai now, especially men like to buy mechanical watches. However, quartz watches have developed rapidly since they came out for 40 years, and their market share has far exceeded that of mechanical watches. Wearing a quartz watch has the following 5 major advantages: ... read more

    Jan 16,2021 Industry News
  • What color is quartz?

    colorless The term "du" in geology generally refers to low-temperature quartz (α-quartz), which is the most widely distributed shu mineral among the stone dao British minerals. Quartz in a broad sense also includes high temperature quartz (β-quartz), coesite and so on. Main ingredients: Mineral comp... read more

    Jan 09,2021 Industry News
  • Where is the origin of quartz?

    Quartz mineral sources are mainly distributed in Jizhining in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Fengyang in Anhui Province, Huanggang in Dao Province in Hubei Province, and Zhuan County in Lingshou, Hebei Province with high yield and high quality. In addition, there are also a small amount of di... read more

    Dec 30,2020 Industry News
  • The difference between quartz stone and artificial stone

    Artificial stone is not quartz stone. The difference between artificial stone and quartz stone is as follows: 1. Price ratio: Quartz stone is generally more expensive than artificial stone: 1. Compared with artificial stone, quartz stone has more expensive processing equipment, relatively fewer manu... read more

    Dec 25,2020 Industry News
  • How long is the dehydroxylation time of quartz glass?

    The dehydroxylation time of quartz glass depends on the preparation process and specifications of the quartz glass, the dehydroxylation atmosphere and temperature used. Under normal melting conditions, i.e. oxidation or neutral atmosphere, such as SiCl4 as raw material Most of the hydroxyl groups in... read more

    Dec 18,2020 Industry News