Applications of Quartz Glass Products.


  Quartz is very common and known mineral on earth. The […]

  Quartz is very common and known mineral on earth. The name quartz is derived from the Greek word Kristallos meaning Ice. Conventionally, it is a well known component of the quartz clocks. Quartz clocks were first produced in the 1970s. Quartz has SiO2 structure which consists of a continuous framework of SiO4. Quartz can be formed naturally from the silica and gets collected in the earth. Quartz, i.e. SiO2 is created when silicon (Si) and oxygen (O2) combine in anaerobic conditions. That’s why quartz is formed underground, when oxygen and silica-rich solutions combines. Quartz does not require any specific temperature or pressure for its formation. It is present naturally in its crystal form. It is available in a number of forms, colors and patterns. It is a very useful material as a gemstone such as citrine, agate and amethyst.

       Due to its unique properties and composition, Scientist has found its many industrial applications. Fused Quartz is one special variety of quartz plates with huge applications.Method of Formation: Fused quartz is made up of a non-crystalline form of silica. They are manufactured using several different processes. This is formed by a method called as splat-quenching in which a material is heated to its melting point and then rapidly cooling it.


  Applications of Quartz:Many applications of quartz crystals have been developed during the last hundred years. Many fields in science have been influenced by this material due to its diversifying applications. From jewelry to astronomical physic, Quartz Glass Products keep on impressing us with their potential utilizations.

  Fused silica quartz is an industrial raw material, used to make many types of scientific materials. Various optical products are made by fused silica quartz such as spectrophotometer cuvettes, flow channel cells, quartz microfluidic chips, etc. Fused silica quartz has great thermal shock resistance and is extremely stable material. Due to its essential properties, it can also be used to manufacture various refractory materials as well. It can handle high concentrations of acids such as hydrofluoric acid. Flow channel cuvettes made from this have applications such in cytometry, particle sizing etc.Quartz shows the phenomenon of the piezoelectric effect, i.e. the property to generate a charge on its surface after being compressed or bent. Also, when voltage is applied to the quartz, it tends to change its shape. This property is the principal in the development of quartz watches today. Due to this property, quartz crystals are also used for stabilizing radiofrequencies.Other applications of Machining quartz crystals is as an aura regenerator. In gemmotherapy, quartz is used to generate a direct positive energy, expand the consciousness, and give calmness and equilibrium that helps in meditation.