How does a quartz watch work?


Just as a tuning fork vibrates according to a certain l […]

Just as a tuning fork vibrates according to a certain law, when a quartz crystal is affected by battery power, it will also vibrate regularly.
Quartz crystal vibrates up to 32768 times per second. We can design a simple circuit to calculate the number of times it vibrates. When it counts to 32768 times, the circuit will send out a message to move the second hand forward for one second.
Because the vibration of quartz is quite regular, even if it is a cheap quartz watch, the error rate within a day will not exceed 1 second.
Quartz watches can also be called "crystal vibrating electronic watches" because they use the "vibration phenomenon" of crystalsQuartz Crystal Tuning Forks Manufacturers.
When the crystal receives an external applied voltage, it has the properties of deformation and expansion. On the contrary, if the crystal is compressed, electricity will be generated at both ends of the crystal. This property is also seen in many crystals, which is called "piezoelectricity". effect".
Quartz watches use crystals that periodically and continuously "vibrate" to bring us accurate time.