How to identify the authenticity of the crystal pyramid?


Put the hair crystals in the sun and observe carefully, […]

Put the hair crystals in the sun and observe carefully, the real hair crystals are diamond-colored, very moist and have a very mysterious feeling. The most common green hair crystals and black hair crystals are hard to find in the market. , Are generally very messy. The copper hair crystals that are common on the market now have a relatively high density and generally show a cat-eye effect.
Crystal is birefringent and can reach 0.009. Put the crystal on the hair or white paper with black lines. Through the amethyst, you will see the double shadow of the hair or black lines. If not, it is fake. . Natural crystals have birefringence, and amethyst is no exception. Put the hair strand on the back of the amethyst and look through the amethyst. You can see two hairs. The larger the amethyst, the easier it is to see. Amethyst does not have such a phenomenon. This method is generally used to identify amethyst balls, while the beads of amethyst bracelets are a bit small and not obvious.
Distinguish true from false from flocculent and ice cracks! If conditions permit, you can find a 10x magnifying glass to observe the inside of the amethyst. Even if the natural crystal has defects such as inclusions and cotton wool, there will be no bubbles. If you find bubbles inside the amethyst, then you Note that this amethyst is fake.Transparent Quartz Crystal Singing Pyramid For Healing
Observe the internal structure of hair crystals with the naked eye. Generally, there are common hair crystals in the market: golden hair crystals, green hair crystals, black hair crystals, copper hair crystals, etc. These things are more frequently encountered. Generally, the hair crystals will have cotton wool, like clouds and mist, and have traces of ice cracks. This is the most basic knowledge to identify true and false.