Quartz glass acceptance rules, packaging and storage methods


I. Acceptance rules     1. The production unit must che […]

I. Acceptance rules

    1. The production unit must check the quality of the manufactured products according to the standards and requirements of the ordering unit.

    2. For various products of quartz glass, the product certificate and product instruction manual should be attached when leaving the factory. Product must be on certificate

The main chemical composition, performance indicators and the inspector's signature indicate the date of production and are printed with the name of the manufacturer or the code of the manufacturer.

    3. High-purity coated quartz glass products, the product coating weight should be attached when leaving the factory.

    4. Each low-expansion quartz glass tube must be analyzed for titanium dioxide content and have a product number.

    5. The ordering unit shall have the right to test the product quality according to the standard of the quartz glass department and the agreement agreed between the supplier and the buyer. If it does not meet the ministry standard

Standard and order agreement, duplicate samples should be taken for repeated inspection. The disputed time can be referred to the arbitration department for identification. If it still does not meet the product standard

Standard and order agreement, and deal with as unqualified. If the quality problem is found six months after receiving the goods, it will not be returned.

Packaging methods

    6. Containers and auxiliary materials for packaging products:

     (1) Packing box: Use wooden box or carton, depending on the specific situation of the product.

     (2) Auxiliary materials: paper strip, corrugated paper, plastic film, foam plastic, straw rope, hemp rope, etc.

    7. Transparent quartz glass thick tubes should be packed with paper or plastic film and single-layer corrugated paper first; thin tubes and rods should be packed in bundles

, If necessary, each tube or rod is first packed with paper or single-layer corrugated paper, and then tied with a twine, each bundle should be the same diameter

, Length products. Then put it into a box filled with hay or paper strips.

    8. Quartz glass instruments, utensils, optical glass and plates should be individually packaged with soft paper and plastic films. High purity

Quartz glass products must be packed in plastic film. For products that can overlap, several are stacked together, tied with a twine, and then

Pack in a box filled with hay or paper.

    9. The packaging of large opaque quartz glass products and large quartz glass bricks should be tightly tied with straw ropes and then filled with

In the box with paper slips, etc. Large quartz bricks can be used with wooden clips.

    Among them: small and medium-sized products need to be packed with a single layer of corrugated paper or paper, and then packed with hay or paper strip

Inside the box.

    10. Each bundle or box of products should be accompanied by a product manual and packing list. Note:

    (1) Product name, specifications, quantity and weight;

    (2) the name and address of the production unit;

    (3) the name and address of the receiving unit;

    (4) the date of manufacture or delivery of the product;

    (5) Others.

    11. Except for large products, the gross weight of each box shall not exceed 25 kg.

    12. The outside of the box should be marked: the receiving unit and department, address, and phone; the shipping unit, address, and phone;

Glass instrument "," handle with care "," not upside down "and other words or graphics.

    Third, storage method

    13. The product should be stored in an indoor warehouse, on a wooden bracket or board to prevent moisture. Place of storage must be maintained

Dry and tidy. Products should not overlap as much as possible to prevent damage to pressure. Products must be stored according to their grades, specifications and varieties to prevent mixing