• Applications of Quartz Glass Products.

      Quartz is very common and known mineral on earth. The name quartz is derived from the Greek word Kristallos meaning Ice. Conventionally, it is a well known component of the quartz clocks. Quartz clocks were first produced in the 1970s. Quartz has SiO2 structure which consists of a continuous frame... read more

    Jul 17,2020 Industry News
  • Things Nobody Told You about Quartz Countertops

    Whenever you plan your home renovation, do not forget to install quartz countertop in your kitchen. They are not only famous for their beauty but also for their durability and quality as well. They are capable of turning your kitchen into new place magically. They are also preferred over other mater... read more

    Jul 11,2020 Industry News
  • What is the difference between quartz crystal and quartz glass?

    What is the difference between quartz crystal and quartz glass 1. Different materials Quartz bai crystal is a mineral composed of silicon dioxide, chemical formula zhiSiO2. Quartz glass is a special dao industrial technical glass with a single component of silica. 2. Different hardness properties Th... read more

    Jul 03,2020 Industry News
  • What is the essential difference between quartz tube and hard glass tube?

    In the eyes of most people, quartz tubes are similar to hard glass tubes, but they are not. Quartz tubes are industrial glass made of silicon dioxide with excellent characteristics and excellent physical and chemical functions. Such as: 1. High temperature resistance. The softening point temperature... read more

    Jun 24,2020 Industry News
  • What is the method of extending the service life of quartz tubes?

    ition in our production work. It is made of quartz as the basic material. If you want to use it for a longer period of time, you may wish to try it according to the following methods: The temperature resistance of the quartz tube is related to its purity. The higher the purity, the higher the temper... read more

    Jun 18,2020 Industry News