• Can quartz glass products be used in high temperature and high vacuum equipment?

    The structure of quartz glass is slack, and at high temperatures, the ions of certain gases are allowed to diffuse through the network, and the diffusion of sodium ions will be faster. This performance of quartz glass is very important for users. For example, when quartz glass used in the semiconduc... read more

    Jun 11,2020 Industry News
  • How to clean the quartz tube?

    In the semiconductor industry, quartz glass is a very common equipment, so how to clean the quartz glass tube? Quartz glass is often used in semiconductor industry equipment at a high temperature of 1000°C to 1300°C. In this state, devitrification occurs due to the attachment of impurities, and the ... read more

    Jun 04,2020 Industry News
  • How are quartz glass tubes made?

    Do you know how to make quartz glass tubes? The following is a brief introduction to how to make quartz glass tubes. SiO-containing particles are generated and these particles are deposited on a carrier, while forming a soot tube with a porous soot wall, the resulting soot wall has a predetermined r... read more

    May 28,2020 Industry News
  • What are the advantages of quartz glass tubes?

    1. The quartz glass tube has no pollution. The quartz glass tube contains a variety of composite materials and ultra-fine quartz powder. Oil, sauce, vinegar, red wine, strong tea, juice, coffee, acid, alkali and other materials used in individual kitchens are not allowed. Soaked, as long as the coun... read more

    May 21,2020 Industry News
  • How to measure the quality of quartz crystal?

    With the rapid development of the times, there are more and more measurement methods for quartz crystals. It is no longer possible to judge only by appearance. The following are some methods for quartz measurement: The general method is to make an oscillating circuit and connect the crystal to be te... read more

    May 14,2020 Industry News