• How to identify the authenticity of the crystal pyramid?

    Put the hair crystals in the sun and observe carefully, the real hair crystals are diamond-colored, very moist and have a very mysterious feeling. The most common green hair crystals and black hair crystals are hard to find in the market. , Are generally very messy. The copper hair crystals that are... read more

    May 14,2021 Industry News
  • Why is fused silica some transparent and some opaque?

    Quartz glass is a kind of special glass containing only a single component of silicon dioxide. Due to the different types, processes, and raw materials of quartz glassTransparent quartz glass suppliers, it is often called silicate glass, quartz glass, fused quartz, fused quartz, synthetic fused quar... read more

    May 08,2021 Industry News
  • What is the difference between borosilicate glass and quartz glass?

    The composition is different, the composition of high borosilicate glass is sodium oxide and boron oxide. Silicon dioxide has a relatively high content of borosilicate in glass: 12.5-13.5%, silicon: 78-80%, and silica glass is composed of silica: the content is 99.99. The temperature resistance is d... read more

    Apr 30,2021 Industry News
  • How to get rid of impurities in quartz?

    The quality of quartz products is closely related to the quality of quartzHigh Purity Milky white Sandblasting quartz tube. So how does quartz sand remove impurities? Here are several ways to remove impurities. The first is quartz scrubbing. Scrubbing is to remove the thin film iron, bonding and mud... read more

    Apr 23,2021 Industry News
  • Introduction to the types of optical glass and coating methods

    As an older material, glassQuartz Glass for Optics can be used not only in the fields of architecture and art, but also in medical treatment and instrumentation. Different types of glass have different characteristics and must be paid attention to when using them. However, most people don't know eno... read more

    Apr 16,2021 Industry News