• What is the difference between crystal ashtray and ordinary ashtray?

    Glass and water crystals differ greatly in the material composition du Artificial crystals are glass containing oxidized lead. The higher the content of oxidized lead, the higher the refractive index and hardness, the purer and crystallized the finished product. At the same time, the more difficult ... read more

    Mar 05,2021 Industry News
  • How much frequency can the tuning fork crystal achieve?

    Tuning fork crystal is a low-bai frequency crystal oscillator, generally the frequency is about 10~100KHz.    tuning fork is a "Y"-shaped steel or aluminum alloy sound generator. Various tuning forks can emit pure tones of different frequencies when vibrating due to their mass and the length and thi... read more

    Feb 27,2021 Industry News
  • What is the difference between a quartz tube and a halogen tube, which one is better?

    The difference between quartz tube Quartz Cigarette Holder Manufacturerand halogen bai tube: Quartz tube is a special dao industrial technology glass made of silicon dioxide. Zhuan is a very good basic material. Quartz glass has a series of excellent physical and chemical properties. It is used in e... read more

    Feb 20,2021 Industry News
  • The difference between opal and glass

    Opal bai is a natural hardened silica gel with 5-10% moisture. Opal is different from most gems in that it is amorphous. Some of the unstable amorphous structure in opal will change color or even crack due to lack of moisture, but there are also some very stable opals that do not change in normal en... read more

    Feb 07,2021 Industry News
  • What are the raw materials of optical glass?

    The main material is high-quality fused quartz crucibles sand. Appropriately add auxiliary materials. Because rare earth zhi has high refractive index, low dispersion and good chemical stability, it can produce optical glass, which can be used to make the lenses of advanced cameras, video cameras, t... read more

    Jan 30,2021 Industry News