• How long is the dehydroxylation time of quartz glass?

    The dehydroxylation time of quartz glass depends on the preparation process and specifications of the quartz glass, the dehydroxylation atmosphere and temperature used. Under normal melting conditions, i.e. oxidation or neutral atmosphere, such as SiCl4 as raw material Most of the hydroxyl groups in... read more

    Dec 18,2020 Industry News
  • The use of quartz cuvettes on spectrophotometer

    Quartz cuvettes are all used on ultraviolet spectrophotometers. When using them, everyone is not familiar with it, and it is not clear which side should be used for incident light. Usually the bottom and both sides of the cuvette are ground glassQuartz Crystal Tuning Forks suppliers, and the other t... read more

    Dec 12,2020 Industry News
  • How many types of quartz glass tubes are there?

    Quartz tubes can be roughly divided into the following types: transparent quartz tubes (outer diameter 1.5mm-300mm), ultraviolet filtering quartz tubes, colored quartz tubes, etc. Chemical properties High temperature resistance The softening point temperature of quartz glassChina quartz glass produc... read more

    Dec 04,2020 Industry News
  • How to ensure the quality of optical glass?

    Optical glass refers to glass that can change the transmission direction of light and can change the relative spectral dispersion of ultraviolet, visible or infrared light. Optical glass in the narrow sense refers to colorless optical glass; optical glassquartz glass products can be used to make len... read more

    Nov 27,2020 Industry News
  • What are the main ingredients in quartz stone?

    The main component of quartz stone is silicon dioxide (SiO2), which contains about 53.8% of silicon. Quartz stone, we usually say that the quartz stone is a new type of stone artificially synthesized by more than 90% bai of quartz crystal plus resin and other trace elements. It is a large-size plate... read more

    Nov 20,2020 Industry News