• What is the difference between quartz and fused silica?

    If you need to use high-performance materials in your work, then quartz, fused silica and fused silica will be a good choice. Quartz, fused silica, and fused silica are all part of a very high-purity series of materials that have high working and melting temperatures, excellent optical properties, a... read more

    Apr 17,2020 Industry News
  • What temperature can the quartz crucible be maintained at?

    Quartz glass crucible can withstand high temperature of 1400 degrees Celsius These are used in the semiconductor industry to produce semiconductor wafer applications. In order to produce high-quality wafers, the raw materials are heated to high temperature and taken out in the form of single crystal... read more

    Apr 11,2020 Industry News
  • When quartz is a crystalline solid, why is quartz glass amorphous?

    Quartz glass, also known as fused silica, is glass made by melting and quenching of quartz. Glass has no regular, repeatable molecular structure. In contrast, the silicon and oxygen atoms in quartz form a tetrahedron with a very special arrangement. For details, see the quartz structure. The rapid q... read more

    Apr 03,2020 Industry News
  • What is cryptocrystalline quartz?

    Although many varieties have historically originated from the color of the mineral, the current scientific naming scheme refers primarily to the microstructure of the mineral. Color is a secondary identifier for cryptocrystalline minerals, although it is the primary identifier for macrocrystalline v... read more

    Mar 28,2020 Industry News
  • OEM size Clear Glass Plates Round fused Silica Quartz Disc

    Type:Clear Quartz Plate Application:Optical/Semi/Industry, Optical/Semiconductor/Industry Thickness:0.5-100mm Shape:Square Place of Origin:Liaoning, China Brand Name:SUCCESS Model Number:Success-001 Product Name:High Temperature Quartz Glass Plate Color:Clear/Transparent Material:99.9% Pure Sio2 Dia... read more

    Mar 04,2020 Transparent quartz products