Is amethyst natural?


If it is pure purple, it is difficult to judge. Fortuna […]

If it is pure purple, it is difficult to judge. Fortunately, the inner layer of the beads is obvious. If the possibility of dyeing is excluded, if the layer is pyramid-shapedChina crystal quartz pyramids suppliers, it is in line with the characteristic that amethyst is usually the strongest color in the crystal tip. It looks good. of.
You can only know so much by looking at the picture. The main floor is to see if there are other mineral inclusions in the beads. If the purity is high, use a magnifying glass to see if there are any fine cottons. Irregular impurities are the most direct proof of natural crystal.
Judging from the gloss, the hardness should be enough. The host uses a knife to rule out the possibility of purple fluorite
Basically that's all. Of course, the price is also on the one hand. To be honest, Amethyst is really hard to judge.
In addition, there is a non-mainstream method, which is seen in the book. Take a flame and heat it. After the temperature reaches 240 degrees or more, the purple of natural amethyst will fade to yellow. Then X-ray will cause the crystal to change to different degrees. The recovery purple