Quartz tube vacuum sealing problem


The quartz tube can of course be vacuumed, bai and used […]

The quartz tube can of course be vacuumed, bai and used for heating. You only need to make a method. Flange and quartz tube can be sealed with O-rings. Double O-rings should be able to achieve high vacuum. For the influence of temperature, the general silicone ring can only withstand 100-200 degrees Celsius, so you need to add a water cooling device to the flange. Of course, if your heat source is far from the flange, just get a fan to blow it.

Any of the simplest annealing furnaces can perform these functions. You can find a factory that produces annealing furnaces on the Internet, or any scientific instrument factory such as Shen Keyi or Beijing Keyi.
The above is an expensive method. In fact, if you want to be cheaper, just find a longer quartz tube and put a leather tube on your head to vacuum. Quartz heat insulation is still relatively good, your working temperature is only 500 degrees, then the temperature of the head end can only be 40-50 degrees, no need to consider cooling. In this way, a few hundred yuan will be done.