The difference between quartz stone and artificial stone


Artificial stone is not quartz stone. The difference be […]

Artificial stone is not quartz stone. The difference between artificial stone and quartz stone is as follows: 1. Price ratio: Quartz stone is generally more expensive than artificial stone: 1. Compared with artificial stone, quartz stone has more expensive processing equipment, relatively fewer manufacturers, and ex-factory price. higher. 2. The better quartz stones are basically in other places.

The product chain is: supplier -> agent in Shenzhen area -> cabinet factory -> end customer, while artificial stone is: supplier -> cabinet Factory-->end customer, quartz stone has one more link, the price will be more expensive.


3. For new things or compared with artificial stoneChina quartz square plates factory, it is not so "old-born", and the price is not too transparent, and many merchants will give customers higher prices. Second, it is more practical than practical: Quartz stone is better: for specific use, artificial stone hardly needs more maintenance, but artificial stone needs protective use. On the countertop that has been used for a period of time: 1. The performance of artificial stone: There are many fine knife marks, some slight oil stains, and some light discoloration on the countertop. 2. Quartz stone performance: there will be some black marks on the quartz stone countertop, but it can be wiped off quickly with special sandpaper for quartz stone (because the hardness of quartz stone is harder than the cutter, this mark is the trace of steel on the surface of quartz stone).

There will be no other problems. 3. More beautiful: Quartz stone is slightly inferior; 1. Water blocking behind the countertop, artificial stone can achieve a circular arc transition; while quartz stone is used as a rear water blocking on-site and is directly bonded on the countertop with special glue for quartz stone. Location. 2. Seam: Artificial stone can be seamlessly connected; quartz stone will have a faint line, and it is still very difficult to be completely seamless. Generally, when the quartz stone is in the seam, it will be better to wash the joints with water. 3. The front water barrier can be very close to the effect of artificial stone, but it is slightly inferior in arc. 4. Relatively speaking, the artificial stone is easier to polish and the effect is better. It's just that it won't last long when using it. 4. Compared with installation: artificial stone is faster, and quartz stone dust is relatively less. Now installing quartz stone countertops requires an additional subsidy for each meter. Because the quartz stone is too heavy, it will take longer to block the water, grind the edges, and open the stove hole.