The use of quartz cuvettes on spectrophotometer


Quartz cuvettes are all used on ultraviolet spectrophot […]

Quartz cuvettes are all used on ultraviolet spectrophotometers. When using them, everyone is not familiar with it, and it is not clear which side should be used for incident light. Usually the bottom and both sides of the cuvette are ground glassQuartz Crystal Tuning Forks suppliers, and the other two sides are optical glass.


When taking the cuvette, you can only touch the ground glass on both sides with your fingers to avoid touching the glossy surface. As long as the light source passes through the glossy surface during measurement. Sometimes there are Q and S marks on the cuvette, which does not make much sense. It just reminds us that the direction of the cuvette is the same every time. Q or S is a quartz cuvette, G is a glass cuvette, and I is an infrared cuvette.

These are all oral background problems. Usually, in order to reduce the influence of cuvettes and solvents, we often use oral background. Many tests are used. Measured in the ultraviolet region, there are roughly two aspects to the generation of background: 1. Solvent. Needless to say, the general surveyor knows it. 2. The quality of the cuvette is basically ok as long as the size and specifications meet the standards (including domestic products). Therefore, in general standards, it is feasible to use either side, which can be verified by experimental results.