The working principle of quartz glass heating tube


The SH far-infrared quartz heating element adopts the q […]

The SH far-infrared quartz heating element adopts the quartz tube produced by our company with electric heating material, so that the original has excellent and reliable far-infrared radiation characteristics: after power on, 97% of the infrared light and visible light emitted by the electric heating material are blocked and absorbed by the opal tube Increasing the temperature of the tube wall produces silicon-oxygen bond molecular vibrational radiation far-infrared, so that 97% of visible light and near-infrared light can be converted into far-infrared radiation. It effectively converts electrical energy into far infrared rays.China quartz square plates manufacturers
SH far-infrared quartz heating element uses opal quartz tube as infrared radiation source, no coating, no pollution, no harmful radiation, excellent chemical stability, high temperature resistance, diverse shapes, long-term use, no deformation, good thermal stability, heating The temperature can be selected. Long-term use of radiation performance does not degrade. And it has long service life, reasonable structure, very small thermal inertia, and easy to use. SH far-infrared quartz heater is the only best component for selective radiation of far-infrared in China.