What are the advantages and disadvantages of quartz watches?


Although more and more people are bai now, especially m […]

Although more and more people are bai now, especially men like to buy mechanical watches. However, quartz watches have developed rapidly since they came out for 40 years, and their market share has far exceeded that of mechanical watches. Wearing a quartz watch has the following 5 major advantages:
  The benefits of quartz watches
  1 cheap
  Quartz movements are usually 20-30% cheaper than mechanical movements, so quartz watches are usually much cheaper than mechanical watches.
  2High accuracy
   The biggest advantage of a quartz watch is its high accuracy (almost 100 times higher than that of a mechanical watch), with an error of -30 seconds to +30 seconds per month.
  3 watches
  Quartz China Quartz Crystal Tuning Forkswatches can be made thinner or smaller, making it easier to use and wear. In addition, it is easy to achieve multiple functions, and there is more room for change in the appearance of the case.


  4 Easy to use
   Buying a quartz watch, you will definitely experience its convenience, it will serve you very well, and you don’t need to take too much care of it, especially suitable for ladies and middle-aged and elderly people. However, mechanical automatic watches often have insufficient running time due to insufficient exercise, so they often stop. This problem is particularly annoying.
  5Long service life
   The structure of the quartz watch movement is much simpler. You only need to replace the battery regularly. Choose a reputable watch repair shop and choose a good quality battery. The life of the quartz watch is definitely much longer than that of the mechanical watch. Here I can tell you that quartz watches do not have the outstanding wear problems like mechanical watches (although there are not a few diamonds on the movement), and the use of the crown is also very rare, so you can basically ignore the wear of the parts, especially the transmission. Wheel train.
  6 Easy maintenance
   The maintenance cycle of quartz watches is relatively long. If there is no problem with the watch, it is not necessary to wash the oil. Buying a watch is the same as buying a car. The future maintenance costs should also be considered. The life of a mechanical watch depends largely on the degree of wear and tear, and the more famous brand watches, the greater the maintenance and repair costs.