What are the rules for correctly accepting quartz tubes?


Quartz tube is the basic material for making quartz tub […]

Quartz tube is the basic material for making quartz tube. Jinzhou Taifeng Quartz Co., Ltd.  understand that quartz tube is a single component glass of silica, which is usually divided into two categories: transparent quartz tube and non-transparent quartz tube (fused silica). After seeing the quartz tube, what acceptance criteria or items can help you better purchase?

Quartz tube manufacturers

    Jinzhou Taifeng Quartz Co., Ltd.  said that the primary acceptance rules are:

High-purity coated quartz glass products shall be attached with the coating weight of the product at the factory.

The production unit must check the quality of the ex-factory products in accordance with the Ministry ’s specifications and the requirements of the ordering unit.

Transparent quartz sheathed tube

Each low-expansion quartz glass tube must pass titanium dioxide content analysis and have a product number, which must be clearly visible.

Various products of quartz glass should be accompanied by a product certificate and product operation manual when they leave the factory. The certificate must have the product's primary chemical composition, performance indicators and inspector's signature, indicate the production date, and be printed with the name of the manufacturer or the manufacturer's code.

The ordering unit has the right to sample the quality of the product according to the specifications of the quartz glass department and the agreement approved by both the supplier and the buyer. If it does not comply with the department's specifications and order agreement, double samples should be taken for repeated inspection. The disputed time can be submitted to the ruling part for judgment. If it still does not meet the product specifications and ordering agreement, it will be treated as unqualified. If the quality problem is found half a year after receiving the goods, the product will not be returned.

The above is the quartz tube acceptance rules organized by Jinzhou Taifeng Quartz Co., Ltd. . You can make a proper note, so that you can purchase better in the future.