What color is quartz?


colorless The term "du" in geology generally refers to […]

The term "du" in geology generally refers to low-temperature quartz (α-quartz), which is the most widely distributed shu mineral among the stone dao British minerals. Quartz in a broad sense also includes high temperature quartz (β-quartz), coesite and so on.
Main ingredients:
Mineral composed of silica, chemical formula
sio2, colorless and transparent, often contains a small amount of impurities, and becomes translucent or opaque crystals with hard texture. Quartz is a mineral resource with very stable physical and chemical properties. The crystal belongs to the oxide mineral of the trigonal crystal system. Quartz block is also known as silica,
Mainly the raw material for the production of quartz China crystal quartz pyramids manufacturerssand (also known as silica sand),
It is also a raw material for quartz refractories and firing ferrosilicon.
The pure quartz is colorless and transparent, and shows various colors due to the presence of trace pigment ions or finely dispersed inclusions, or the existence of color centers, and reduces the transparency;
Transparency: semi-transparent or transparent
Luster: glass luster, the fracture surface is grease luster.