What is cristobalite?


Quartz is divided into four categories: quartz, tridymi […]

Quartz is divided into four categories: quartz, tridymite, cristobalite and zhi fused quartz. They are all silica minerals, but the crystal structure is different. This is called 1653 Homogeneity.


Cristobalite includes low temperature cristobalite and high temperature cristobaliteChina quartz square plates suppliers. High temperature cristobalite is generally produced in acid lava. Low temperature cristobalite is white or milky white with glass luster. High-temperature cristobalite will transform into low-temperature cristobalite or low-temperature quartz cristobalite under normal temperature and pressure, which is also called cristobalite or white silica, which is a kind of quartz.
Cristobalite powder is made of selected vein quartz ore after high temperature calcination at about 1500℃, pollution-free grinding, magnetic separation, and classification, with stable properties. The silicon content is above 99.8%, the crystal phase is tetragonal, the hardness is about 6.5, the density is 2.45, the specific surface is large, the porosity is high, the weather resistance is good, the precipitation resistance is good, and the thermal shock resistance is good.