What temperature can the quartz crucible be maintained at?


Quartz glass crucible can withstand high temperature of […]

Quartz glass crucible can withstand high temperature of 1400 degrees Celsius

These are used in the semiconductor industry to produce semiconductor wafer applications.

In order to produce high-quality wafers, the raw materials are heated to high temperature and taken out in the form of single crystals. Quartz glass is the most suitable material.

Its advantages are:

High purity, large size, high temperature resistance, good heat insulation, energy saving, stable quality, etc.

The use of quartz:

1. Fiber Optic Tube Manufacturing

In the process of producing optical waveguides, transparent quartz glass is used as a deposition tube, which is called a modified chemical vapor deposition (MCVD) process. In the optical fiber industry for this application, we provide a large number of quartz tubes with no air lines, small dimensional tolerances and low OH (OH).

2. Semiconductor industry

In the semiconductor industry, the combination of high purity and excellent high temperature performance makes fused silica tubes an ideal furnace for processing silicon wafers. This material can withstand the wide temperature gradient and high heating rate of the process. Its high purity creates the low-pollution environment required to achieve high wafer throughput. Large-diameter transparent molten glass is used by the semiconductor industry for diffusion, oxidation, and LPCVB processing.