Why is fused silica some transparent and some opaque?


Quartz glass is a kind of special glass containing only […]

Quartz glass is a kind of special glass containing only a single component of silicon dioxide. Due to the different types, processes, and raw materials of quartz glassTransparent quartz glass suppliers, it is often called silicate glass, quartz glass, fused quartz, fused quartz, synthetic fused quartz, and no Clear concepts of transparent, translucent, opaque quartz, etc. China is collectively referred to as quartz glass, which is mostly classified according to process methods, uses and appearance, such as fused transparent quartz glass, continuous fused quartz glass, gas-fired transparent quartz glass, synthetic quartz glass, Opaque quartz glass, optical quartz glass, quartz glass for semiconductors, quartz glass for electric light sources, etc. People are accustomed to naming this material with a simple word like "quartz", which is absolutely inappropriate, because "quartz" is A general term for the crystalline state of silica, which is different from glassy silica in physical and chemical properties.